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Boston computer courses up: What to expect

A new computer course is taking over the country, as some of the world’s top universities offer it online.

A program that began in Boston last year, Cambridge’s Computer Science Master’s (CSM) program offers two degrees in computer science, one in computer engineering, and another in information technology.CSM has since expanded to other Australian cities, including Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, as well as to the United States.

Professor Michael Lenton, a lecturer in computer and information science at Melbourne University, said the new program offered an opportunity for young people to gain an international qualification in computer sciences.

“This is an opportunity to learn about a new industry, learn about new technology, and build the skills necessary to start your career in this industry,” he said.

“We’re not just looking at the technical aspects of computer science; we’re also looking at what makes a good computer scientist, and how to think about it.”

A lot of people are interested in learning to code, and we’re looking to build skills that will allow you to do that.

“Professor Lenton said the program was attracting more students than ever, and was expanding in scope and scale.”

I think this is something that’s very important to the university,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

There are a lot of universities around the world that have these courses.

I think that’s great.

“But there are a couple of things that we’re hoping to address as well: there’s a bit of an opportunity here to provide a really unique learning environment, and also provide a good platform to start a career in the area.”

So, you’re going to have to be prepared to take some courses from the university, but there are also a lot more opportunities than there are courses that are available.

“Mr Lenton described the new CSM program as an opportunity that “really brings students together”.”

You’re going on a journey of study and discovery, and that’s what we’re really trying to instil here,” he explained.”

And I think you can’t really teach it all to one person, and if you do, it’s really difficult.”‘

We’re going places’With the CSM, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is the only university offering it in Australia, and is one of the main providers of the courses.”CSM is the perfect opportunity to get students to take their first computer science course,” said UTS Associate Professor John Kelly.”

Students come to us because they’re interested in computer programming, or they’re looking for an undergraduate degree and want to start their career in that field.

“You have a lot to learn and a lot going on in the computer science field, so it’s not a very different kind of program to anything else you could possibly get at a university.”

It’s definitely an exciting time for our students.

“But UTS’s Chief Information Officer, Paul O’Neill, said he was not aware of any other Australian universities offering CSM online.”

University of Technology, University of Adelaide, University College Sydney, the universities around Sydney have all said no to this,” he added.”

That’s our experience.

I can’t comment on other universities that have taken it.


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