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Newcastle students have their own web app for computer courses

Students from Newcastle have created their own website for computer-related courses at the University of Newcastle.

The site, which was launched today, has a range of computer courses, from computer science courses to information technology courses, and a database of online courses that have already been offered at Newcastle universities.

“We’re making it really easy to discover what’s out there,” Newcastle computer science student Ali Khan told The Verge.

“It’s just a click to go to the website.”

The website was designed by Khan, who has been studying computer science for about six years.

He said he wanted to create a place where people could find out what courses were currently being offered.

“I’ve been studying computers since I was in primary school, so I was always interested in what they were doing,” Khan said.

“There are a lot of interesting courses, so when I found out about it, I thought ‘why not make this site?'”

To start with, the site is a mix of links to websites, videos, and other information.

The main content, however, is Khan’s own website.

The course selection is mostly online courses, with links to individual websites that are also relevant to the subject.

Khan said that it would be good to see more courses on the site, as well as more courses offered through the university’s online courses platform.

“The way that it works now, if you look at Newcastle’s online course website, they’re just sort of a series of links.

There’s a lot more content there,” he said.”

But for a lot less money.”

Khan said the new website was a good starting point.

“As a student, you’re really in control of where you go to learn,” he added.

“And there’s a huge amount of knowledge out there and that’s really helpful to me.”

The university is looking to create more courses that would be offered through online courses.

“A lot of people would be interested in a computer science course on their own,” Khan explained.

“And that’s something that the university does.”

He said that the site had already been used by some students to discover other courses, but that the new site would be different.

“People just want to know that if they want to learn something, they can do it, and that we can provide that,” Khan told the newspaper.

“It’s a really nice site, so we’re looking forward to the day when we can all go to one.”

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