What you need to know about the computer course market in Canada

More than half of Canadian university courses are being offered in computer-related fields, according to a new study.

The CBC News Computer Course Market Tracker shows that almost half of all computer-oriented courses in Canada are offered in this field, a share that is up from just over a third of courses in the past two decades.

The study also shows that the field is growing rapidly and the market is likely to continue to grow.

There are now more than 600 computer-based degree programs offered across Canada, up from about 250 in 2013.

But this is still a small number compared to the total number of courses offered in the country, according the report.

The number of computer-intensive programs is up slightly from 2011, when there were only around 60 computer-centric programs, and in 2013, there were around 240 programs.

The report notes that this growth is largely due to the increased interest in computer science, with the number of programs offered in computing in the first quarter of this year rising by nearly two-thirds compared to 2012.

There have also been a number of announcements about the new industry-wide standards, which were set in January 2017.

The CBC News study shows that computer-specific courses are also a big draw for students.

The majority of students in the study took a computer-focused program in 2013 (64 per cent), followed by the traditional courses (39 per cent) and advanced studies (20 per cent).

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