How to Hack a Mac: An NSA-Derived Computer Course

Apple Computer courses are a favorite among security researchers.

But the company isn’t the only one getting in on the cyber action.

Google, for example, recently created a course that is designed to teach computer security to the public.

But what does this course actually teach?

Well, it’s designed to show the public that Google can be hacked.

And it is.

The course, titled Computer Security for the People and Communities: Exploiting Windows vulnerabilities to Attack Your Computer, will teach computer forensics, data encryption, malware analysis, and how to make malware for the public and corporations alike.

The goal is to get people interested in learning how to take down computer systems.

The goal of the course is to make people aware of security issues, to make them aware of their computers vulnerabilities, and to teach them how to fix their computers if they get into trouble.

“The goal is for them to know how to mitigate the security threats and vulnerabilities they face,” said Google’s Cyber Security Engineer, Paul Bostock, in a Google+ post.

The course was originally scheduled for May, but Google is now going into a full rollout.

Google has also partnered with the FBI to provide its own computer forensic course.

According to a Google document on the course, the FBI provides training to law enforcement agencies around the world, but it’s also a tool that can help protect against the same types of security threats that Google’s security experts are working to combat.

“This is a training that is part of our comprehensive Cyber Security program,” said Bostocks post.

The FBI’s Cyber Crime Prevention Unit is providing training for other law enforcement and private sector organizations.

The FBI is offering the course as part of its Cyber Crime Training Initiative.

The unit is also using the course to teach about cyber crime and to educate its agents.

“This course is not a threat assessment course,” the FBI said in a statement.

“Its purpose is to teach how to conduct a computer forensically and identify threats, both from malicious actors and from those who do not intend to harm us.

We are working with Google to help educate its personnel about the dangers of computer foresnsically, and also to teach it how to detect and identify such threats.”