When your computer is a gift

Phoenix, Arizona (AP) The University of Phoenix is offering a computer course that takes students on a virtual tour of its campus and shows them how to work with computer software.

The class, called Computer Workflow, was announced Monday.

It teaches students how to install Windows, use software and interact with their devices, including their own personal computer.

The course is designed to prepare students to be a computer-savvy and productive member of the workforce.

“Our students are smart, driven, and have a strong work ethic,” said David H. Jones, the school’s associate provost for human resources.

“They are also committed to sharing that work ethic with others.”

The course is taught online.

Students can use the interactive map to explore campus.

It’s available at Phoenix.edu/workflow.

The Phoenix course also includes a webinar, “The Basics of Computer Science: Getting Started with Microsoft Excel, Windows, and Google Docs,” which gives students tips for how to use Microsoft Office and Google’s Google Doc to quickly get started.

The university also announced it’s offering a “Free” computer class, which costs $49.95 for six hours, to coincide with the computer course.

Students who sign up for the free computer class will be notified by email.

The Free Computer class is available online.