When Google stopped working on its own Android smartphone software, the company laid off its engineers

Google’s Android smartphones are no longer available for purchase from Google Play.

The company announced the change on Tuesday, noting that it had shut down a number of Android-related businesses.

The Android maker said it had closed about 10,000 of its remaining 1 million devices in the United States and Europe, which included a number in the smartphone market.

Google said the shuttering of the Android smartphones was to “ensure the continued availability of Google Play Services, which are the core components of the platform.”

Google has also announced that it has been forced to discontinue its Android mobile operating system, which it says is “the most popular mobile operating environment in the world.”

Google announced that the Android smartphone platform, as a result of the shuttered businesses, would no longer be maintained by the company.

The company said it was now working with the Android phone maker to create a new version of the smartphone operating system for the market.

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