What’s next for a Trump administration’s cybersecurity strategy

Computer science courses are the latest area of concern for the Trump administration.

The president-elect’s transition team announced a cybersecurity strategy last week, promising to roll out the program “at an accelerated pace.”

The goal is to bring together cybersecurity experts from federal, state and local agencies to create a “single nationwide cybersecurity infrastructure” to bolster national security.

But some experts fear that the administration is going in a direction that would undermine the security of all Americans.

“I think the administration has not had a proper plan for cybersecurity,” said Steven Stalnaker, an assistant professor at Northeastern University.

“I think that’s where the whole issue is.”

Stalnak is concerned that the transition team is pushing a plan that could result in more cybersecurity threats to the U.S. The transition team has not released any cybersecurity strategy, but cybersecurity experts are calling on the president-election team to release a cybersecurity plan and to release its own cybersecurity recommendations.

“There’s a real concern about where the transition is going,” said Andrew Tuchman, a cybersecurity expert at George Washington University.

The Trump transition team does not have an official cybersecurity plan, but has suggested that it will “immediately and completely re-think” the cybersecurity efforts of the Obama administration, according to a statement released last week.

The statement added that the plan would be released to the public “in due course.”

While the White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the cybersecurity plan’s release, a senior administration official told The Hill in an email that “the Trump transition will be releasing its cybersecurity strategy at an accelerated rate, including cybersecurity guidance, guidance on workforce preparation, and guidance on cyber policy.

The strategy will focus on the needs of the Department of Defense and the Department’s cyber capabilities and capabilities will be enhanced.”

But a senior DHS official told NBC News that the department’s cybersecurity efforts are focused on “protecting the Nation’s critical infrastructure from foreign adversaries, and enhancing the protection of U.s. citizens and lawful permanent residents.”

The official did not specify when DHS plans to release the cybersecurity strategy.

The DHS official added that DHS will continue to work with the private sector to help build out the “single nation cybersecurity infrastructure,” but added that “a single nation cybersecurity capability will not be a solution for the cybersecurity threats we face.

It will not make our systems resilient to foreign cyber attacks.”

Some cybersecurity experts believe the Trump transition is trying to take a “pivot” to the private industry while pushing for cybersecurity reforms that could undermine the public’s confidence in the government’s cybersecurity capabilities.

“This strategy will be a big step backward, but it will also be a step forward for the private sectors,” said David Cohen, chief technology officer for the Center for Democracy and Technology, which advocates for privacy, cybersecurity and technology reform.

“The administration should make cybersecurity an explicit policy priority for the White Houses national security team, not a backroom deal for the corporate sector,” Cohen added.

“While the transition process has been fraught with controversy and confusion, the administration should be careful not to undermine the confidence of the American people in the cybersecurity capabilities of the nation’s security agencies,” said Cohen.

“This strategy should provide the Trump team with a clear roadmap for implementing its cybersecurity goals, and should give them the necessary support to execute their cybersecurity strategy.”

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