Computer Course: Advanced TCP/IP and UDP Security, Part 2, by CTOs and CTO’s

Computer course: Advanced UDP/TCP and TCP/CIFS Security, part 2.

I’ll explain how to protect against remote access, sniffing, brute force attacks, and how to mitigate attacks that could compromise your network and/or application.

This course covers TCP/UDP and TCP ports 25 and 80.

The next one is TCP/ICMP.

TCP/IKEv2 security and packet filters, including packet filters for IPv6.

Network security and network administration for IPv4 and IPv6, including security-aware routing.

How to protect your network against network intrusion, including denial of service attacks.

What you need to know about IPv6 packet filtering.

And a look at the TCP/DNS protocol.

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This is part one of a two-part series on Advanced TCP and UDP security.

This section covers TCP ports 5222 and 5285 and UDP ports 5400 and 54001.