What do you need to know about Statistical Computing?

There are two types of statistical computing courses: coursework and research.

Coursework can be in any form and can be delivered online, as well as at an academic institution or at a company.

Research is a more specialized form of statistical programming, requiring the student to complete a rigorous research project and then present the results.

In the past, coursework had a limited reach, as most courses were only available to students in some kind of research or training program.

With the rise of data science and artificial intelligence, however, more and more data is being collected by millions of individuals every day, which means more data needs to be analyzed.

This is the topic of my new statistical computing class, which is based on the new statistical models used in artificial intelligence and deep learning, along with the latest statistics on financial markets, and a deep dive into statistical probability.

This course is not intended to be a comprehensive statistical training course.

It’s meant to be more of a tutorial on the data science principles and techniques, so you can dive into data science on your own and learn from others.

Course offerings are listed below, along a brief description of the topics covered.

Course description