Adit computer courses bendsigo,Any computer course: Bendigo students complain

Bendigo’s computer courses were suspended on Thursday after a number of students complained about the quality of the computer courses.

A number of Bendigo University students had posted complaints about the courses on Facebook about how they were not being taught properly.

The students said they did not receive the quality training or instruction they had been promised.

But they also said the quality was not adequate.

One Bendigo student said he was disappointed to hear the students had been unable to complete their course because of the disruption.

“They did an excellent job on my course, but I have not been able to complete the course,” he said.

“I have heard from a few students that it is just too much work.”

If you work hard and you are diligent, then you will get through it.

“But if you just sit and read your textbooks and you have nothing to do, then that is where you will fail.”

Another Bendigo woman said the computer classes were not the way to go for her.

“A lot of students are coming in for the computer, and I think the quality is not as good as what is on the university,” she said.

“The quality of their instruction is not good, too.”‘

I can’t wait’The Bendigo Student Union (BSU) said it had been contacted by a number on Friday by people who were unhappy with the quality and direction of the courses.”BSU staff are currently working to ensure that students are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve,” a spokeswoman said.

She said the BSU was investigating.

“We have been in contact with a number students who are concerned about the state of the course and the quality.”

Students are encouraged to contact BSU if they are concerned or have concerns.

“As part of our ongoing investigation, we have contacted the principal of the Bendigo College and will be working with them to ensure students are receiving the quality instruction they are entitled to.”

Bendigo College is committed to delivering a good education for all students, and we are committed to maintaining a positive and safe environment.

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